Each paper published in the conference proceedings must be accompanied by at least one registration fee payment. Participants that will be presenting one or more papers in the conference must have either full or student / emeritus professor registration type (day visitor registration type is not allowed for presenters).

You can upload your paper following this link: PAPER SUBMISSION.

Please remember your paper shouldn't exceed 8 pages

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  • Submitting author Identification Number
  • Submitting author E-mail address

 Remember: Please note that the author that uploaded the abstract must also upload the full paper.


Download the paper template with the following link:


 The authors will use this template for submitting their papers while strictly following the guidelines provided HERE

Selected papers

 We're pleased to announce this conference's papers will be published by Procedia Engineering. Note: when uploading papers, authors will be asked whether they want their work to be a part of this publication.


FAQ Elsevier publication


If you have any doubt about the requirements needed for the publication please check the following link: Elsevier FAQ