The Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference (WDSA) is one of the world’s premiere gathering on water distribution systems management. In WDSA experts from all over the world meet and discuss the latest challenges, innovations, and methodologies regarding water distribution systems.

The knowledge that is produced in these conferences has had a very significant impact worldwide. First, its goal and that of its participants is to seek ways in which to increase water supply, and therefore public health. Second, it promotes the responsible and efficient use of water, taking into account global warming and water scarcity in specific regions of the world.


5 Reasons to Attend WDSA2016

We are very proud to announce that the conference’s eighteenth edition will be taking place in Latin America, for the first time ever! Colombia’s Los Andes University and its Civil Engineering Department are grateful for this opportunity and expect a significant presence of Colombian and Latin American institutions.

We have chosen Cartagena de Indias as the venue for this experience. Conference participants will have a chance to visit one of Colombia’s most beautiful and emblematic cities. Cartagena’s historic fortresses, monuments, and ports were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 (visit UNESCO’s website for more information on World Heritage Sites).

We are preparing a technical and highly dynamic conference, one that will feature specialized papers regarding water distribution systems, combined with insightful keynote speakers on the subject of water networks, software such as EPANet and more. All this, plus the Battle of the Water Networks, which challenges participants to solve a specific study case creatively and professionally.

We value the bonds and friendships made, which makes this year’s WDSA edition perfect for meeting fellow practitioners and seeing old friends once again. In this sense we are preparing a series of icebreakers and networking sessions, for participants to more easily learn what colleagues around the world are currently working on.

We are planning great social events for conference participants to make the most of their time in Cartagena and experience the city’s nightlife. Expect a most wonderful selection of restaurants and venues, and make sure to bring you accompanying person along!





Below is a list of topics that will be discussed in the conference. WDSA2016’s main focus will be water distribution systems analysis issues.  

  • Water distribution network modeling.
  • Hydro-informatic in distribution systems.
  • Network optimization: planning, design, rehabilitation and expansion.
  • Background leakage modeling and control.
  • Smart networks (metering, assessment, forecasting and operations).
  • Assessment managing and performance modeling.
  • Real time monitoring, modeling and control of water systems.
  • Advances in sensors, SCADA and ICT for (big) data management.
  • Network vulnerability, reliability, resilience and risk analysis.
  • Leakage and energy management in water distribution networks.
  • Transient analysis.
  • Water security.
  • Water quality issues (biofilm, decoloration and contaminant intrusion).
  • Water distribution network operation and maintenance.
  • Water resource management in water shortage contexts.
  • Benchmarking in water distribution systems.
  • Field works: Case studies and practical applications.
  • Educational and research transfer tools.
  • The future of EPANET.
  • Pipeline engineering.
  • Future of water distribution systems research.
  • Emerging technologies in water distribution systems practice.


Special session on urban hydraulics. We would like to start an integration in these conferences on water distribution systems analysis and the relation with drainage systems. All of this through the following topics:

  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (best management practices) and water reuse.
  • Integrated urban water system modeling and management.
  • Dual networks, design, operation and security.
  • Alternative sources.


Previous Editions

Below you can check the proceedings of WDSA’s past editions.

WDSA - 2006  Cincinnati, OH , (USA)
WDSA - 2007 (*) Tampa, FL (USA)
WDSA - 2008 Kruger National Park, (South Africa)
WDSA - 2009 (*) Kansas City, MO, (USA)
WDSA - 2010 Tucson, AZ, (USA). 
WDSA - 2011  (*) Palm Springs, CA, (USA)
WDSA - 2012  Adelaide, Australia. 
WDSA - 2013 (*) Portland, OR
WDSA - 2014 Bari, Italy
WDSA - 2015 (*) Austin, TX, (USA)

(*) Symposium during the World Environmental & Water Resources Congress - ASCE - EWRI